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Q: What are the current programs and projects of the UAP which are directly beneficial to members?

Job Opportunities. The Committee on General Welfare is coordinating with various linkages of UAP to generate a list of job opportunities for the architectural profession.

Credit Card. The Committee on General Welfare is looking at perks for architectural professional. It is working out one of the first, a credit card, with one of the local banks.

For inquiries contact Arch. Annabelle Sotto.

Health Insurance. The Committee on General Welfare has gathered proposals from various health insurance providers in the country. It shall soon be selecting the best service. Because of the size of UAP, your health insurance shall be available to you at group rates!

For inquiries contact Arch. Annabelle Sotto.

Government Consultancy Accreditation Program. Architects seeking to participate in government projects must be a member of CCAPP or the Council of Consulting Architects and Planner of the Philippines which is under the umbrella organization of COFILCO or the Confederation of Filipino Consulting Organizations. The "Guidelines on the Procurement of Consulting Services for Government Projects" is also available with CCAPP.

Legislation Program. The Commission on Governmental and External Affairs is working for legislation that will upgrade the architect's professional practice. Currently they are lobbying congress for approval of House Bill 3938 on RA 545 and House Bill 904 on the APO Law and Senate Bill 1207 which is the Multidisciplinary Bill. These bills carry amendments adopted by UAP. The Commission is also holding dialogues with PIA and PICE to delineate the practice between architects, civil engineers and interior designers.

For inquiries contact Arch. Edric Marco C. Florentino.

Architects National Code Update Program. Some portions of the existing national code is seen as obsolete thus the program of the Commission on Profession Practice to make it relevant to current practice.

For inquiries contact Arch. Josefina M. Ramos

Relations with Allied Professionals Program. Success in business for architects these days means a shift from the standard business-to-client to a business-to-business mode. Architects can benefit much in the network which compose the multidisciplinary construction industry. The Commission on Professional Practice is attending PRC sponsored inter-professional dialogues to establish these linkages.

For inquiries contact Arch. Josefina M. Ramos

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