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Q: What are the current programs and projects of the UAP which are directly beneficial to members?

At the National Level

The current administration of Arch. Prosperidad Luis has launched last year its ten focus projects, seven of which is directly beneficial to the members.

The UAP Diplomate System. In place of the abolished CPE Program is the UAP Diplomate System where architects can select seminars to earn credits leading to qualification as experts or specialists in a given field. The system is currently in development.

For inquiries write or contact Arch. Geronimo Manahan.

Small Practice Project. UAP established the Small Practice Forum, which is a nationwide network of small firms. The objective of the forum is to give competitive strength to small firms of different areas of expertise by creating liaisons among themselves.

To inquire write or call the Small Practice Forum:

The Small Practice Forum
Rm 306 Capitol Masonic Building, Matalino St., Diliman, Quezon City

First International Health Conference. UAP co-organized with the UIA the first international health conference held in the country. This was the 21st International Public Health Seminar 2001. The conference was the venue for architects from different parts of the world to discuss diverse situations of health facilities provision in developing and developed countries. Papers and work exhibits were presented.

For information about the results of this conference write or contact Arch. Michael Tomeldan.

Green Architecture. The purpose of this project is to make Filipino architects up-to-date with the developments of this form of architecture in its many applications such as energy conservation in design, materials selection, water conservation, indigenous landscape, etc. The UAP shall be holding Green Forums in different chapters to culminate in a seminar at the National Convention.

For inquiries contact Arch. Amado de Jesus.

Project Watchdog. The UAP is forming a "watchdog" to protect the practice of architecture in the country against violations of the Architect's Code of Ethics and the illegal practice of architecture by non-architects.

For inquiries contact Arch. Mike Guerrero.

Completion of the UAP Headquarters. The New UAP Headquarters symbolizes better service to the membership with all services located in a central and accessible edifice.

Committee Level

Procedure Manual on License Renewal. If you are renewing your license for the first time, the Committee on General Welfare has prepared this manual for you.

Nationwide Seminar Bulletin. The Committee on General Welfare is gathering the planned seminars to be held by different chapters throughout the country to give members a choice in selecting seminars to attend.

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