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Q: Why should I join the UAP?

6. UAP is your access to the supplier sector of the building industry.

Members are able to meet suppliers in UAP's numerous events the largest of which is the National Convention held annually. Other events are the National Conference of Architects, the Regional District Assemblies and Chapter Product Presentations.

7. UAP is your link with the global practice of architecture.

UAP is the country's national section representative to the Union Internationale des Architectes (UIA) based in Paris, which currently has 111 member associations. UAP is the founding member of the Architects' Regional Council for Asia (ARCASIA).

Through these associations UAP keeps Filipino architects abreast with global developments and internationally adopted standards and practices.

 8. With UAP you can sit on the shoulder of giants.

Through UAP, new architects can meet the giants of the profession and learn from their generation of experience. UAP elevates certain members to the esteemed College of Fellows to serve as models of excellence for the profession.

 9. UAP recognizes excellence.

UAP upholds excellence in the design profession by giving annually the Award of Excellence in Architectural Design. UAP also endorses works for international awards given by UIA and ARCASIA.

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