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Q: What is UAP?

Objectives of the UAP

To establish and promote the highest standards of ethical conduct and professional excellence in the practice and service of architecture, through strict adherence to the Architect's Code of Ethics;

To maintain the highest standards of architectural education, through the conduct of research, accumulation and dissemination of information in architecture, environmental design, ecology, technology, culture and other related fields;

To cooperate and coordinate with other allied professions, trade and industry;

To participate in matters concerning national and regional development of the country;

To cooperate with the Board of Architecture (BOA), Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) and other government agencies in matters concerning licensing and regulation of the profession'

To cooperate and coordinate with international organizations in the fields of architecture, environmental design, and other fields of arts, science and technology;

To render any lawful and appropriate assistance to any of the members;

To develop progressive ideas in architecture and environmental concerns as well as their practical application for the welfare of the community.

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