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Q: What kind of member should I apply for?

The following types of membership can be applied for: Corporate Membership and Corresponding Membership.

If you are a duly registered architect in the Philippines you qualify for Corporate Membership.


If you are a foreign architect who has greatly contributed to the advancement of the architectural profession you may apply for Corresponding Membership. Your application will be presented to the general membership. They, in turn will nominate you for Corporate Membership. You need at least 30 Corporate Members in Good Standing to nominate you. Afterwards your application will be recommended by the Committee on Membership to the National Board which will decide to elect you to Corporate Membership. Q: Where can an applicant apply for membership?

An applicant can apply for membership at the UAP National Secretariat, at any UAP Chapter or at any affair where the National Secretariat or the Chapter may process the applicant's application documents.