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Q: When shall the Committee on Membership update the National Membership Roster classified into Good Standing and Not In Good Standing?

The first updating of the Roster within a fiscal year is scheduled to commence from the last day of remittance of annual dues by the Chapter to the National Treasurer which is September 30 and will be submitted to the National Secretariat one (1) month after.

Q: When shall the Chapter Membership Committee notify inactive members to reactivate their membership?

Immediately after the date of the release of the roster and prior to updating for the next release

Q: What are the subsequent periods where the roster is updated by the National Committee on Membership?

  • 2nd Update of the Official UAP Membership Roster: March, one month before the National Convention
  • 3rd Update of the Official UAP Membership Roster: May, one month before the end of the fiscal year
Q: What are the dates where the roster is released?
  • 1st Release of Official UAP Membership Roster: on October 30, One month after the deadline set by the UAP Constitution and Bylaws (September 30) for remittance of annual dues to the National
  • 2nd Release of Official UAP Membership Roster: during the National Convention, April, date varies
  • 3rd Release of Official UAP Membership Roster: June, at the end of the fiscal year

Q: When can any registered architect apply for corporate membership?

Any time

Q: When is formal induction of new members by the chapters scheduled?

At the closest occurring date of a regular meeting of the Board of Directors or a chapter General Membership Meeting upon receipt of the letter of acceptance and approved application form from the National

Q: When are the induction paraphernalia given to new members by the chapter?

During the induction ceremony

Q: When does the inducting officer sign the Oath of Membership?

Before the induction ceremony

Q: When are all new members who applied during a whole fiscal year welcomed?

During the opening ceremonies of the UAP Annual National Convention at the next fiscal year

Q: When is an Issuance of disqualification issued?

After evaluation of evidence which form the basis for the disqualification

Q: When can disqualified applicants/members reapply for membership?

1 year after the date of disqualification