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Q: When can an applicant apply?
  • “New architects” can apply for UAP Membership during the Oathtaking of new architects. The UAP Secretariat shall be at hand to receive submission of all requirements prior and after the oathtaking ceremonies.
  • Any time at the UAP Secretariat
  • At any UAP chapter event

Q: What are the requirements?

  • Photocopy of the applicant’s PRC Certificate and Professional License as evidence that the applicant is a duly registered architect in the Philippines (2 sets each)
  • Fully accomplished membership application form secured from the UAP National Secretariat or from any UAP Chapter (2 sets each)
  • Payment of Initiation fee and annual dues
Q: What are the rights and privileges of a Corporate Member in Good Standing?
  • A Corporate Member in Good Standing has the following privileges:
  • Be chosen as a member of the Electoral College, which elects National Officers;
  • Represent the organization by printing after his name the initials "UAP";
  • Be able to attend UAP affairs such as the National Convention and the National Conference;
  • Be qualified for election as officer in the chapter and national level after satisfying other requirements;
  • After being a corporate member in good standing for at least ten (10) years, together with notable contribution rendered in the advancement of the architectural profession, be eligible for elevation to the status of Fellow;
  • After being a corporate member in good standing for at least thirty five (35) years be conferred the status of Member Emeritus.
Q: What are the duties and responsibilities of Corporate Members?
  • It is the duty and responsibility of a Corporate Member of the UAP to:
  • Defend, uphold and abide by the By-Laws of UAP and to abide by the Architects Code of Ethics;
  • Pay the required fees, dues and assessments promptly;
  • Assist UAP in the conduct of its affairs whenever called upon to do so;
  • Endeavor to attend all annual, regular and special meetings of UAP and those of the Chapter of which he is a member. Maximum absences of more than 50 percent shall be a cause for dismissal from the Chapter Roster, upon the discretion of the Chapter Board;
  • Support programs of the government and the community related to architecture and national welfare, and be actively involved in civic and public affairs;
  • And to conduct oneself in dignity and in a manner worthy of a professional.