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Q: What is the UAP Commission on Internal Affairs?
Q: What are the Committees under the Commission
and what are their functions?

The Commission on Internal Affairs assists the National Board under the supervision of the National Executive Vice President in the management of internal affairs of the Organization. The Commission's executive director is Arch. Maria Lisa V. Santos, fuap.

The Commission has seven standing committees under it.

The Committee on Chapter Organization is chaired by Arch. Delster Emmanuel Davide, uap. Its duty is to promote the objectives of UAP by organizing chapters, unifying their efforts and administering their affairs.

The Committee on Membership is chaired by Arch. Elwin F. Buenaventura, uap. Its duties are: to take charge of all matters concerning membership, to effect the registration of all registered architects as members of UAP; to maintain an up-to-date and authentic listing of members with their complete personal and professional data; and to setup a criteria to determine and be up-to-date on the status of the membership.

The Committee on General Welfare is chaired by Arch. Annabelle C. Sotto, uap. Its duties are: to render any lawful and appropriate assistance to its members; to study and devise systems and methods of creating job opportunities to the available and potential supply of UAP manpower; to develop a program that will effectively stimulate and create demands from government and private sector in the country and abroad; and to promote and develop self-sustaining projects for the general welfare of the membership.

The Committee on Awards is chaired by Arch. Ana Mangalino-Ling, uap. Its duties are: to prepare programs of incentives in form of recognition of members; and to take charge of all matters regarding the granting of awards for services rendered to the UAP and to the architectural profession.

The Committee on Ways and Means is chaired by ____. Its duties are: to conduct studies and research towards keeping UAP in sound financial condition so that it can meet its obligations and finance projects; to study and recommend ways and means to generate funds; and to study and recommend an effective program in the collection of dues and other fees including acceptance of donations and bequeaths.

The Committee on By-Laws is chaired by ____. Its duties are: to be answer all inquiries regarding the UAP By-Laws and is given the confidence of interpreting the provisions of the UAP By-Laws; and to study and make recommendations on proposed amendments to the UAP By-Laws subject to the provision on amendments of the same By-Laws.

The Committee on UAP Headquarters and Building Maintenance is chaired by _____. Its duty is to take charge on all the activities for the completion of the construction of the UAP Headquarters and to be responsible for the maintenance afterwards.