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Q: Who are the officers and Board of Directors of a Chapter?

The Board of a Chapter shall be composed of a president, a vice president for programs and development, a vice president for operations, a secretary, a treasurer, an auditor and two directors.

Q: What is the term of office of a Chapter officer?

Members of the Chapter Board are elected to serve for one (1) year. No member of the Chapter Board shall be allowed to serve more than three (3) consecutive terms.

Q: What are the duties of the Chapter President?

The Chapter President shall be the chief executive of the Chapter and shall: preside over all the meetings of the Chapter Board, the Executive Committee and the General Membership of the Chapter; supervise all the Chapter's social and business affairs including the remittance of funds accruing to the National Treasury; sign contracts, directives and legal instruments which have been approved by the Chapter Board; and form the different committees and represent the Chapter Board in conferences and gatherings.

Q: What are the duties of the Chapter Vice President for Programs and Development?

The Chapter Vice President for Programs and Development shall be responsible for the study, research and formulation of policies, programs and projects intended to attain the objectives of the Chapter, subject to the approval of the Chapter Board.

Q: What are the duties of the Chapter Vice President for Operations?

The Chapter Vice President for Operations shall be responsible for effective implementation of the programs and projects to ensure, among others, that said activities are in accordance with the policies of UAP.

Q: What are the duties of the Chapter Secretary?

The Chapter Secretary's duties are: issuance of all notices, circulars, records; proper recording of minutes of all Chapter meetings; charge and custody of all legal and administrative records, correspondences and legal matters of the Chapter.

Q: What are the duties of the Chapter Treasurer?

The Chapter Treasurer's duties are: over-all supervision of the financial affairs of the Chapter; collection of all fees, dues and other financial obligations of Chapter members and issuance of receipts; disbursement of funds as necessary and in accordance with approved procedures; signing of all instruments of the Chapter where his signature is required by law; remittance to the National Treasurer the national share of the annual national dues and preparation of an official report on the said remittance; signing of all checks and all financial transactions together with the Chapter President and another Chapter officer designated by the Chapter Board.

Q: What are the Committees of the Chapter?

The Chapter shall constitute counterpart committees to those of the following Commissions in the national level: Internal Affairs, Professional Practice, Governmental and External Affairs and Education.

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